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3. March 2011
Various Bugfixes and capacity increase.

23. November 2009
Minor tweaks to increase user friendliness.

23. October 2009
Full Facebook, MySpace & Youtube Support now fully working..

28. July 2009
New Feature - Users may upload custom templates

How do I earn money as a users of your services?Proxy Hosting

Earning money is simple, as part of the sign up process you will be required to submit your Advertising publisher ID. This will allow ads to run on your home pages generating a potentially substantial income which you have full control over and receive 100% of the earnings generated. We have no access to your earnings and no control over them, all your earnings will be controlled via your own publisher accounts.

What are proxy sites?

Proxy sites allow users to browse the web anonymously and in many cases bypass access restrictions put in place by schools, companies, ISP’s and governments. A company may block employees from accessing sites such as Facebook however by going via a proxy site/server you may find you are able to bypass these common restrictions.

How much will it cost me to host with you?

Our proxy hosting service is completely free of charge and will not cost you a penny, you do not need to submit any financial information to us so rest assured you will never be charged. The only cost to you will be the costs of domains purchased.



Why don’t you charge & how do you make your money?

We make our money by placing a discreet adverts to users whilst they are browsing anonymously on your proxied pages. This allows us to cover our costs and host are own sites of which we earn from just like you.

Do I need any computer knowledge to start earning?

None at all!! We provide detailed instructions with screenshots covering every aspect from purchasing your initial domain right up to launching your site live on the internet. There is absolutely nothing technical to do on your part as all of the geeky stuff is handled by us. We even skin the templates for you; the whole process takes no longer than 5 minutes even for Grandma!!! Who said there was no such thing as a get rich quick scheme?

How do I buy a domain name?

We recommend the following authorized domain registrars for purchasing domains –
123-Reg (UK Users or those wishing to register domains)

*It is worth noting that .com's seem to do considerably better than other extensions and picking an easy name to remember seems to boost traffic with returning visitors. Sometimes having the word proxy in your domain had have negative consequences as it will be easily picked up by web filters but then may do better with SEO.... why not register multiple domains and experiment?

What do I do once I have purchased my domain name(s)?

You simply need to set the Nameservers with your domain registrar, full instructions are given to you upon successful registration.

How do I get a publisher account so I can earn money from advertising?

Please see Adsense Sign-Up for more information. Publisher accounts are free to set up and no costs are involved.

How do I link my publisher account to my Free Proxy Hosting (FPH) account?

In your publisher account you will be given a Publisher ID for example – pub-23442342353. In your admin panel just fill in this number in the box provided and away you go.




What do I do if I get stuck or need help?

Email us using our online contact form; we aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours if not sooner.