Take a look into how we run Free Proxy Hosting .net

How did FreeProxyHosting.net (FPH) come about?

Being two IT professionals already heavily involved in dedicated server hosting, professional web design and programming as well as running our own web based proxies we only thought it was fair to open up our servers to others struggling to compete in the market. We are confident we can completely revolutionize the market with our bespoke hosting panel designed from the ground up specifically for Proxy Hosting.

What was it that originally got you involved with proxy sites?

We originally used proxy sites, servers and any method of avoiding access restrictions set in place by our school IT department way back in the 90's just like you are now and often ended up frustrated with poorly set up, slow sites so we decided to launch our own sites (private) which have been running for approximately 10-12 years now. We decided to open them up to the public approximately 5 years ago.

How do I know you will be around for the foreseeable future?

Free Proxy Hosting.net is backed by a limited company and run by two dedicated IT professionals now in their mid twenties who originally met when in High School many moons ago. Having over 22 years combined experience with Web Based Proxy sites and both with an IT background. FPH is going from strength and has no intention of stepping down anytime soon.

So who supports FPH and funds it?

We make our money by placing discreet adverts to users whilst they are browsing anonymously. This allows us to cover our costs and host our own sites of which we earn from just like you.

What servers do we use and where are they located?

We maintain a range of servers across the the globe however mainly in the Dallas, Texas, USA and London, United Kingdom. Our servers are Quad Core minimum usually with around 4 Gbs ram upwards dedicated solely for proxy hosting. We are now in the active planning stage of upgrading our servers across the board to i7 cores with a minimum of 8Gbs Ram per server. We are confident our network will be able to support your sites and offer considerable speed increases. Who said there was no such thing as a free lunch?

What do I do if I get stuck or need help?

Email us using our online contact form; we aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours if not sooner.